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Housing Recovery to Pick Up Steam in 2016

Steady employment and economic growth, pent-up demand, affordable home prices and attractive mortgage rates will keep the housing market on a gradual upward trend in 2016.

However, persistent headwinds related to shortages and availability of lots and labor, along with rising material prices are impeding a more robust recovery, according to economists who participated in a recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Fall Construction Forecast Webinar.

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Free CMA- December

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Lake Country's Stacey Guzanick

As a Real Estate Professional, it is my passion to understand my clients needs when it comes to the paramount decision of buying or selling a home. I truly value my relationships with my clients and believe in incorporating a hands-on-approach. I am with my clients from start to finish and beyond, applying my professional expertise to develop a smart strategy to help achieve my clients goals ~ however big or small. I am dedicated to excellent customer service. 

I pride myself on utilizing the latest technology and techniques to negotiate the best possible price and terms. In today's changing market, it is extremely important to have a real estate agent on your side. I am devoted to working o n your behalf and making your dreams come true one home at a time. 

My values are important to my family and me ~ honesty, hard work, integrity, and professionalism. Purchasing or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions one can make. My main goal is to ensure no detail is overlooked and everyone I work with is 100% satisfied. 

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Your South Central Wisconsin Real Estate Professional

I would like to take some time to introduce myself. I am a full-time REALTOR® and I work hard to keep my clients & customers satisfied by providing the highest level of services. This has proven to be a welcome quality in my business.
When dealing with future Sellers, Buyers & Investors, making them feel comfortable with their agent is the most important factor in securing them as not only a valuable clients but inviting them to remain loyal to me for any future dealings.
RE/MAX Realty Center has a great Sphere of contacts and can reach Buyers in ways other Real Estate companies do not. We have a very aggressive marketing plan as well as aggressive agents helping our Sellers, Buyers & Investors reach their goals. I have been a REALTOR® since 2002 and embrace the challenges of a changing market.
I specialize in Distressed properties and help facilitate the Short Sale helping Clients avoid Foreclosure. I am a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) and if you have had your home on the market in the past or plan on selling in the future there are options. I have successfully facilitated and closed several Short Sales. I feel this is a great way to keep values in neighborhoods. If you or anybody you know is in a Distressed Mortgage, call me today!
I wish to thank you for your time and please contact me with any questions, or if you would like to know what your options are!
Best regards,
Amber Castonguay
Broker Associate/CDPE
RE/MAX Realty Center

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Real Estate Investments: Are they right for YOU?

Are high yield real estate investments right for you to include in an investment portfolio? To answer the question, the prospective investor must consider the type of real estate investment and the possible risks.

Real estate investments are trusts that purchase and improve properties for the sole purpose of investing. Examples of properties and similar assets are apartments, buildings, mortgages, resorts, and shopping malls. There are ways to determine if a real estate investment is right for you.

Determine if the Broker or Financial Advisor is Registered
Before you select a real estate investment, ensure the broker or financial advisor is registered with Security Exchange Commission (SEC). Brokers and financial advisors should provide the prospective investor with information concerning real estate investments and the risks involved. If the issuer is not registered with SEC, there is a possibility the broker or financial advisor are running scams.

Types of Real Estate Investments
There are two types of real estate investments, public-traded and non-exchange traded. The difference between the two is public-traded investments are traded publicly and non-exchange investments are not traded publicly.

Public-Traded Real Estate Investment Risks
Most investments options come with risks, including public-traded real estate. There are two possible risks involved with public-traded real estate investments. The first risk is when the interest rate is high. According to some economists, public-traded real estate investments don’t perform to its potential when interest rates are increased. Another risk is selecting the wrong real estate investment.

Non-Exchange Real Estate Investment Risk
The biggest risk of non-exchange real estate investment is deficiency of liquidity. When there is a deficiency of liquidity the investor cannot sell shares. Other risks are inability to determine the value of a share and to monitor the value.

Ways to Purchase and Sell Real Estate Investments
Prospective investors can find a list of publicly traded real estate investments on a stock exchange. Shares can be purchased through a licensed broker or financial advisor. If you have an interest in non-exchange investments, select a reputable broker who specializes in non-exchange real estate investment options. There are several options of publicly traded real estate investments, such as, preferred stock, debt security and common stock. The Jakob Pek Fund is an example of a real estate investment company that manages invested capital for limited partnerships and mortgages.

Both non-exchange and public-traded real estate investments offer high returns on invested capital. You can determine if a real estate investment is right for you by performing research on both options before initially investing. The downside of non-exchange options is prospective investors are unable to do research until the offer closes. If the broker or financial advisor is registered with SEC, you are probably selecting the right high yield real estate investment.

About the author: Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information on high yield real estate investments, talk to the Jakob Pek Fund, a leading real estate investment company that manages invested capital for limited partnerships and mortgages.

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Real Estate Advisor - November

Real Estate Advisor: November 2015
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You Can Buy and Sell Real Estate During the Holidays

It's common knowledge that most people are advised to get their home on the real estate market in late spring or early summer as that is 'real estate season.' While the majority of homes do sell in the spring and summer, listing your home or looking for a home during the holidays or in the winter is not as taboo as some would lead you to believe. There are actual benefits to listing or looking for a home during the holidays, and if you've missed out on the real estate scramble of the spring and summer, starting a home search or listing your home now might just be in your best interest. Here are some of the top reasons why you shouldn't avoid listing your home, or looking for a home, during the holidays.

Buyers Never Stop Looking

Many would lead you to believe that the real estate market comes to a complete stand still during the holidays or in the winter, but that's not the case. Every state's real estate market is thriving year-round, and that even includes during the holiday season. Serious buyers never stop looking, and a serious seller (or a seller that wants or needs to sell their property) will keep their home or property on the market all year long. The holidays bring out the buyers and sellers that are determined -- they need something or want to sell now, and they're not willing to wait for the spring or summer.
Many people with school-age children want to wait to buy a new home when their kids are not in school, but the reality is that a family or anyone looking for a new home can move at any time of the year. Perhaps if you're in an area with inclement winter weather, you might want to put off your search or move until better weather arrives, but for those that live in a mild climate, moving in November or December is just as easy as moving in May or June. Buyers can also sign up for new listing emails, which alert them to whenever a new property has come on the market, and sellers have the ability to sign up for sellers reports, so they can stay on top of the market in their neighborhood.

Inventory and Competition

While it is known that home inventory is largest during the spring and summer months, the MLS always has homes and properties listed on it. Fall and winter will have properties available, but the number of properties will be lower. Unless you're totally transfixed on a certain home, or you have a list of needs and wants a mile long, you can be sure to find a property that will fit your housing needs throughout the year.
Despite the fact that inventory will be lower in the fall and winter, people still list their homes, especially if they are serious sellers. While the market is slower, it also is less competitive in terms of other buyers looking for homes. It's likely the fall and winter won't create scenarios of multiple, high dollar offers on one property; buyers and sellers alike will have more opportunities to actually think about offers, and especially for buyers, low competition guarantees that you're not making a rushed or rash decision based on emotions or other offers when you do find the perfect property.


This is specifically for buyers, but it's widely known that home prices slightly fall in the fall and winter when the market has cooled down and more serious sellers are keen to get a sale. This is mostly because real estate sales are seasonal. But that's not to say if you list your home in the fall or winter you're going to have to drastically slash the price in order for your property to sell. While it might sit on the market a little longer than it would in the spring or summer, fall and winter sales happen, and if you're a serious buyer or seller, you know you'll want to do all you can to make your dream of buying or selling a home a reality.

Homes Look and Feel Charming

You'll see a lot of articles on how to spruce up a home to ready it for the real estate market, and while the tips are definitely valuable, it's not a secret that many people decorate their homes over the holidays. There's something warm and inviting about a decorated home, or a home that feels cozy, and people who list their homes in the fall and winter can take advantage of a fireplace or wood stove to make a room more inviting.
If your property doesn't have a fireplace or wood stove, you can use candles and other things to make the home smell inviting to buyers. While it may seem cumbersome to sell a property during the holidays or in the winter, you do have some ways to play up the season. And if you are truly set on avoiding the holidays, you can always put it on the market the first of January, when the chaos of the holidays is over.