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7 New Home Superstitions from Around the World

7 New Home Superstitions from Around the World
7 New Home Superstitions from Around the World
Moving to a new home? Here are a few traditions from around the world to bring luck and cast out bad energy. Here are a few.
1. Make a clean sweep
According to U.S. superstition, your old broom can carry all the negative energy from your former dwelling place to the new one. Leave it behind for a fresh start.
2. The door to success
According to old Irish tradition, the first time you leave your new home you should exit through the same door you entered to ensure good luck. After your initial departure you’re free to leave through whichever door you’d like.
3. Ward off evil (and stale smells)
Native Americans traditionally burn dried sage and wave the smoke around the corners of a room to clear out negative energy. If you’re allergic to ragweed, you might want to skip this one as sage is in the same family.
4. Let your pot overflow
Indian tradition holds that boiling milk and rice in a pot until it overflows helps bring purity and long life to the homeowners. Another Indian tradition is to bring a cow into your new home and wrap a flower garland around its neck – a bit more logistically challenging than the rice.
5. Set the tone
Tibetan moving rituals include ringing a “space-clearing’ bell in each room of a new home to clear away old, dying chi (life force energy).
6. Bread and salt
According to Jewish tradition, bread and salt should be the first items brought into a new home. The loaf of bread ensures that the homeowners never know hunger. The salt will bring a life that’s always full of flavor.
7. Lightning insurance?
The ancient Norse believed that putting an acorn on a windowsill protected the home from lightning strikes. Blind-pulls shaped like acorns remain popular today.
You don’t need magic tricks or superstitions to find the right home. An experienced agent can work wonders — find one here.

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Sign up for the next home Buyer seminar

Sign up for the next home Buyer seminar register and login to search all homes #homebuyer #realestate #housing

JEFFERSON -- Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium will be offering a seminar to assist local residents to understand and master the home-buying process and possibly locate down payment assistance funding to help with the purchase. This assistance to purchase a home for qualified buyers in Jefferson/Dodge counties can be up to $11,000 in forgivable loans. This course will teach potential home buyers how to become successful homeowners and is open to anyone who is considering buying a home. The class is scheduled for March 9 at the UW Extension/Workforce Development Building, 864 Collins Road, Jefferson, from 5:30-9:30 p.m. This program will assess participants' readiness to buy a home, assist them with money management and credit issues, give them options for financing a home and what grant options may be available to them, help them select a home, and most, importantly, provide them with critical knowledge for maintaining their new home. The course is tailored to meet the participant's needs, no matter what phase of home buying process they are in. RoxAnne Witte of Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium has been certified through the NeighborWorks America's in the following programs, Pre-Purchase Homeownership Education, Homeownership Counseling, Post Purchase Homeownership Education, and Financial Capability, which meet the requirements of the National Industry Standards for Homeowner Education and Counseling. "Our goal is to help local families to buy homes and be successful homeowners," said Witte. "The complexity of the home buying process should not be a barrier to families. Our home buyer education program is the first step and maybe the most important step, which a family can take to achieve the dream of home ownership." Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium's home buyer education program is designed to be results oriented. Participants will gain a thorough knowledge of the home buying process while at the same time finding local resources to help them achieve their goal. Go online at to register for the next seminar. For more information on this program please contact Witte at 920-674-8711 or email

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What style says "You'?

Every house has a style. Sometimes it has two or more; because of renovations and new, eclectic mixes, fitting a home into one specific category can be daunting or even impossible. 

Guide to Residential Styles 

 Let me help you find your style!

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Selling your home in the Winter

5 Things to expect when selling your home in winter
5 Things to expect when selling your home in winter

Winter is traditionally a slower time for home sales, but don’t despair. Here are a few ways the timing might play in your favor.
1. Buyers tend to be more motivated
Buyers looking for homes are doing so because they really must relocate due to job, family or other unavoidable circumstances. You’ll probably waste less time dealing with real estate tire-kickers.
2. Things move faster
Because there are fewer transactions during the winter, mortgage companies, home inspectors and appraisers have less on their plates. You should be able to schedule appointments sooner and expect faster turnaround for reports and approvals than in the busy warmer seasons.
3. You can leverage the smaller inventory
With fewer homes on the market, it can be easier to promote your property’s comparative advantages. Highlight your home’s unique features. Are you the only townhome within walking distance of downtown? The only split-level with a pool in your school district? Be sure to mention it in your listing.
4. Summer buyers are looking now
Not everyone looking in the winter must move immediately. Your Realtor may have ideas about how to market your home among local businesses and organizations with fluid populations, such as universities, or via school district websites that might attract families moving to the area.
5. You can remind buyers of warmer weather
Be sure to include images of your home during greener summer months, including lifestyle shots of your deck, patio, porch and/or yard. Feature these photos in a frame during showings to remind buyers how the home can come alive in the spring.
An experienced agent who knows your unique market and the current inventory can paint a more specific picture of what listing your property in the winter will be like. Find one

RE/MAX Fit To Sell - Depersonalize Your Home to Sell

Stage for the Selling Season

Fall, Spring, Summer or Winter - Homes sell all season long.
Give your home some added seasonal curb appeal by decorating!
If you’re selling your home in today’s real estate market, you probably know that curb appeal is your first chance to make an impression on a prospective buyer. In the first few seconds a potential buyer sees your home, they decide if they want to drive on by or come on in. You can’t change the basic structure of the house or change the location, but you can make your home worthy of a deeper look.
Maintaining curb appeal is a year round job, with different challenges each season. For winter, decorate with wreaths and pine cone centerpieces. In spring, adding fresh-cut flowers and pops of color go along way. If selling in the summer, highlight decks and patios. For fall, display pumpkins and gourds by your entryway.
The impression your home creates is the magnet that first attracts viewers and turns them into buyers. Maintaining curb appeal is a year-round job, but it’s a vital part of selling your home.
Any season is the best season to call  RE/MAX Realty Center to help sell your home! 262-567-2455

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Thinking about going For Sale by Owner?

When selling a home there are an average of 19 documents, did you know that? Hiring a professional can save you money, ask how. Contact us today and get a FREE No Obligation market analysis. 920.988.0048,%20REALLY%20Need%20The%20Help%20Of%20A%20Real%20Estate%20Agent

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National Housing Report-February 2016

If you are searching locally or would like information on another market at RE/MAX, we can help . Search all homes and register today! Helping Sellers, Buyers and Investors. #wirealestate #lakecountryrealestate #homebuyers #homesellers #Investors    

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Let one of these fine men be of service...

The Real Estate market is in full swing already for the spring selling and buying season.  It seems a bit weird to believe, for me too!  It is February 19th and the thermometer outside our office read 62 degrees.

The agents of RE/MAX (262-567-2455), are your real estate experts in the area offering online markets, listing package and FOR SALE BY OWNER (FSBO) options, MLS search access, buyer agency and marketing that will exceed your expectations, all with outstanding service! Your home purchase or sale is likely your largest investment, be sure you have an good agent you can trust!

Real Estate in Wisconsin is an excellent investment, prices are superb, selection is great and rates are outstanding!!! 

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Welcome Dan Anderson RE/MAX Realty Center

Today we welcome Dan Anderson to our office. Dan is not only an experienced agent, he is also a great person. WELCOME!!!!

Welcome Chris Seitz to RE/MAX Realty Center

Today -- we welcome another agent and friend to the office. Her arrival has been long overdue.

Say hello to: Chris Seitz. We have quite the wonderful team of people working at our office!

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Investor Special- Watertown, WI Duplex- New Listing

Increasing Interest Rates and Real Estate Investing

Posted: 08 Feb 2016 07:35 AM PST

In December, the Federal Reserve announced that it will be raising the short-term interest rate for the first time in almost a decade. It has held that interest rate at near zero as a method of stimulating the economy. The initial increase will be mild at an announced rate increase of between 0.25 and 0.5 percent. However, the announcement also indicated that more rate increases are coming if the US economy continues its slow growth or accelerates. However, the world economy remains constrained and that will influence US financial policy as well.

Increasing interest rates will certainly affect the real estate investment business. If you are borrowing money as a mortgage to become a landlord, your business costs will increase but rents are also likely to increase. If you are borrowing money to rehab and flip houses, your cost of interest will increase but it is still a seller’s market with selling prices on the increase.


Lending Money Is Where the Money Is At

As always, there is risk when it comes to any kind of investing, including real estate investing. One way of minimizing that risk while increasing earnings is by becoming the lender as interest rates rise. A great sources of funds for this are IRAs, 401ks, and other retirement accounts. The secondary lending market (alternative to bank loans) has become much stronger over the past seven or eight years.

While the federal interest rate remains extremely low and bank mortgages are around four percent, private lenders are earning between eight and twelve percent. Of course, with that comes a higher degree of risk. Earning the higher interest rate means lending to higher risk borrowers. However, investing retirement funds in a first mortgage provides a high level of security when it is secured by the house or other property. Security can be further increased by loaning no more than 70 percent of the property value and requiring the property buyer to invest the other 30 percent. Of course, the lower your risk, the lower interest rate you’ll be able to charge.

Alternative Retirement Investing

Investing retirement funds is not limited to Wall Street stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. There are many alternatives. One is a self-directed IRA that can be administered by a third party such as PENSCO (there are other self-directed IRA administrators). These types of accounts allow you to invest your retirement funds in alternative investments such as real estate. You can either directly purchase the real estate or loan money secured by real estate. You can also buy stocks in private companies and have many other investment opportunities.

There are very specific rules that you must follow when making alternative investments. One of the most important is that you can’t invest in a company that you personally own or operate nor businesses owned and operated by direct family members. That’s where a self-directed IRA administer comes in. You can place your retirement funds in a trust with the administrator and direct them how you want your money invested. Unlike a financial adviser, they won’t give you investment advice. You have to specifically tell them where you want to invest. Just like a traditional IRA, you don’t financially benefit until you reach retirement age. But upon retirement, you can sell your assets and begin drawing your retirement pay.

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Author bio: Brian Kline has been investing in real estate for more than 35 years and writing about real estate investing for seven years