Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Read up on Heidi Buchberger w/ our office- What she LOVES about her job!

Happy Valentines Day to you all!!!
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Today I'm writing a blog on "What I love About My Job" as another fun holiday challenge between the agents at our RE/MAX Realty Center office!

It is nice to hear a personal experience in the home buying process that will show you WHY I really do LOVE my job as a Realtor at RE/MAX Realty Center in Oconomowoc, WI! 

Just last month, January 2017 I had the pleasure of helping two of my friends purchase their FIRST home together!! It was such a HAPPY day for them... here's a picture to prove it, look at the smiles on their faces!! 
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It gives a feeling of happiness right?? This is just ONE of the reasons I love my job, seeing people be happy, and making people happy !! That has always been a quality of mine, and I hear it often from others. 

They chose to work with me because of my knowledge of the real estate market, and knowledge of the entire home buying process. They looked to me for answers to their questions, and at one point Heather texted me and said "I am SO SORRY for all the questions..." and my response was "PLEASE don't be sorry, this IS my job, and what I love doing, I am the expert, not you! hehe,  I want you to ask me as many questions as possible so you understand everything!!" This is another reason I love my job, I like helping others understand the home buying process, even when this is not their forte. From a nurse, to a construction worker, both rely on me to teach them and help them with one of the biggest purchases of their life.. and I want to help, teach, and share my knowledge all the time!

These two were WONDERFUL to work with, they were very organized with requests from their mortgage lender, scheduling inspections, signing documents, and making sure they were involved as much as possible. Their communication was 100% on at all times!!! 

Today marks their first Valentines Day in their new home.... DO YOU FEEL THE LOVE!!?!?!

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I hope to help many other friends, family, and strangers, purchase or sell homes this year!!! I promise you won't be disappointed with my services!! 

Contact me for a great experience and knowledge of the process, 

Thanks for reading my blog today!

**photo credit-Heidi Buchberger, thank you for letting me share your story Wes & Heather!!