Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We are BUSY! Looking for a few more agents to join our office!

A great place to work.....

Got a fantastic unexpected testimonial today from one of my agents.....

 I've been a real estate broker for 28 years now. I have owned my own companies, managed them, grown and sold them; I have a pretty good grasp, as well as good intuition as to what a real estate agent should be capable of and exceed as well, in real estate.

Enter Lisa Bear. Lisa is a unique breed of talent, common sense, hard work, and ingenuity. I would go as far as saying she possesses what many cannot. She has a game plan second to none, is a hell of a sales person, thinks out of the box, and she brings ideas to the table that has me shaking my head as to why I can't think of things as fast or brilliantly. I have no problem endorsing talent. I can honestly say that agents should really work with a natural leader as well as a teacher. The smart thing for them would be to join her company that she owns, Re/Max Realty Center in Oconomowoc. As far as sellers or buyers; they should give her the ball and let her run with it. I used to laugh when I thought there was no such thing as perfection in real estate. That is until I met Lisa Bear. To work with Lisa means that you are going to a closing."

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