Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wisconsin Awards Celebration a BIG Success - Larry Stanul

Wisconsin Awards Celebration a BIG Success


Congrats to Larry Stanul - Larry was an EXECUTIVE CLUB Award recipient. Larry has been a Broker- Associate with REMAX Realty Center - Real Estate in Wisconsin for 10 years.

Larry is a Residential & Commerical Agent in Waukesha, Washington, Milwaukee, Waushara, Waupaca, Racine, Jefferson, Dodge and Ozaukee Counties.

Larry transitioned into real estate from a long and successful banking career. He helps people in all walks of life achieve their real estate goals.

Larry will go the extra mile to assist you. INTEGRITY. As Larry puts it, "I always want you to have that warm, fuzzy feeling after our dealings. What would you rather have in your hand? Tacs or Cottonballs? You decide."

If you ask Larry about his job --- this is what you will get. "I enjoy what I do. I have always believed that if you like/love what you are doing, the end result will be success. Both monetarily as well as gratifying. I get a real peace after a successful closing knowing that I had something to do with that client fulfulling their home ownership dream.

Congrats again Larry on a great 2013 sales year and lets see you top it in 2014!

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