Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Refreshen Your Home

Nothing transforms the look of a home as simply and inexpensively as paint. Whether you’d like to liven up a dated design or refresh your entire home to sell.

1. When it comes to paint, quality matters. Look for High-Quality Products and use the right supplies. Prep before painting!

2.  Explore, coordinate and experiment with different looks - infuse your personality into your home. Determine how you want to feel in your space first. Are you looking for fresh, serene, elegant, playful, regal?

3. Envision the color in your home is to see it in action - Purchase small samples of  your options first instead of relying on the pain cards. Often times when you are ready to select paint colors, you are looking at small paint chips or a fan deck at a paint or big box store. Looking at paint colors in the stores is the first mistake since the lighting is often fluorescent and not the same type of lighting you live with in your own home.

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